Because Only Together We Can

Build a World Where All child Are Safe, Strong & Valued

Who I am

My Name is Glen Helen; I’m a single mother of one living in the countryside of Michigan State.

My new title as a single mother results from a painful divorce that took a toll on my emotional life, but thanks to my support system, I can now talk about it without fear or bitterness.

Divorce is easy when you read it in books, but the reality is, it’s something you can’t wish even your worst enemy.

The emotional turmoil and the fear of uncertainty you go through are unexplainable. This horrible experience pushed me to start this blog to educate and empower women on matters of divorce.

What I Do


I Find & Fund

My challenges and the bad things I went through are why you have it blog in the online streets.


I Build Networks

I seek to talk to women and men about the dangers of divorce as a conflict resolution measure.


We Strengthen

Although we have lived “good” lives after divorce, they will still have the same story to tell when it comes to options.


We Educate

We bring like-minded individuals on board for personal testimonies, Security tips, and experiences to not have a biased blog.


We Provide Care

We also engage experts in Single women with kids and marital relationships to give professional advice on what they think about this hot topic, “divorce.”


Allow me to share how I got the title, divorced woman. I’m 47 years old black American with a 15-year-old daughter. I got divorced at the age of 43 years after staying in the marriage for ten years. Ten years is not a short time.

I was to sit and enjoy the marriage after passing through the first decade. According to my friends, I lived a good life who, to date, feel I was selfish to seek a divorce. In my ten years in marriage, I never knew what marital happiness is all about.


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