Fun Outdoor Activities for Single Mothers to Enjoy with their Kids

Summer is a time for after school sports, extra credit reports, many days of no homework, and lots more! It’s also a time for parents to keep their kids engaged in mind and body.

However, it can be a tough time for single parents, especially moms. Balancing mommy me-time and the time spent with your kids can pose a challenge.

Whichever is the case, summer is a time to get creative and enjoy lots of time outdoors. With a few tips here and there, you can have a great time outdoors with your kids.

Outdoor activities allow both you and your kids to engage your physical bodies. A study carried in 2019 revealed that kids who spent more time outdoors in nature were 45% less likely to develop psychiatric problems such as mood disorders and anxiety, either as adults or adolescents.

Engaging in outdoor activities isn’t just fun and a form of entertainment, but also fosters bonding between you and your kids.


Taking part in a single activity all the time can become boring.

Therefore, you need various tips to keep your kids engaged. Here’re a few tips to help you enjoy your time outdoors with kids:

6 Fun Activities to Engage Kids with Single Parents

  • Go rockhounding

Also known as amateur geology, rockhounding is a great way to spend time with your kids outdoors. This is truer for kids who love geology or getting their hands dirty.

You’ll collect various semi-precious gems, mineral specimens, petrified wood, rocks, and invertebrate fossils, among other elements from the earth. Opt for a detour, road trip or a “field trip” to hunt for gems and rocks.

When planning your trip, make sure that you only visit public lands to avoid encroaching onto private property. Check out rockhounding tips on the Bureau of Land Management site to learn more about the activity and possible local destinations.

You’ll also find important rules and regulations on the USDA Forest Service website. Make sure that you prepare well for the adventure to experience lots of fun.

  • Drive off-road toy cars

Male kids, just like their adult counterparts, love everything that has to do with cars. Your toddler son is likely to enjoy driving toy cars.

Take your son for off-road toy car rides over dirt, rocks and twigs for a more tactile experience. Driving down slopes is also fun and gives a thrilling experience.

What’s more, your kids will benefit from social, emotional and physical development. They’ll also develop spatial awareness, language and communication skills.

  • Play camp kitchen

Does your kid love preparing food in the kitchen? Although you can allow them to join you when preparing meals for the family, they can also play camp kitchen.

Let them play “campfire” in your backyard during playtime. Get your kids play pans and pots, rubber chicken and other kitchen essentials your little ones need to prepare food for fun outdoors.

Join in the fun whenever you can and help your young chef build a “fire” to prepare tasty meals for play. Role-playing will impart various skills in your child, including a passion for cooking.

  • Go bird-watching

Kids develop a love of nature when they go bird-watching. Watching birds is done from the ground to the sky and vice versa. Let your kids learn and know about the local birds in your area.

Invest in a pair of binoculars to bring outdoors. Assess bushes, trees, grass, and telephone poles to find birds. Observe their size, colors, and behavior.

Let your kids listen to the songs the birds sing and how they fly. Although older kids can take notes individually to help them identify the birds later, online or in books, younger ones will need your guidance.

Install a birdbath, bird feeder, or a nest box in your yard to attract birds into your home. Make sure you plant enough trees around. This can help you and your little ones engage in bird-watching from your own home, especially in the mornings and evenings.

  • Find treasures in your backyard

You can do lots of things with your kids in your backyard. For instance, treasure hunt with your child around your home. Use gold metal detectors like those at to find treasures hidden in your yards.

Alternatively, you can buy inflatable swimming pools or trampolines for endless backyard fun. Whichever you opt for, you’re guaranteed lots of fun each time you and your little ones set out for us-time.

  • Create a personalized outdoor play area

Designate a specific area in your backyard for play. Fit the space with hammocks, tree houses, a mud kitchen den and sandboxes, among other play essentials to keep your kids busy in summer. They’ll engage in sensory play and indulge in exploration to foster development.

Some setups to consider include a bear cave, an obstacle course, a whimsical magical gnome garden, or an animal safari for wildlife to inspire the imagination of your young ones. Rainbow bubbles is a one-off project for a memorable experience.


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