Country living

Country living

Life wasn’t easy at the beginning. He was a breadwinner, and that explains why he had to play with my emotions.

It was tough explaining to a ten-year-old how he can’t stay with mum and dad under the same roof.

The endless cries and tantrums I had to fight were emotionally draining. I felt changing the environment was the best thing, but that escalated the problem since they had to have minimal time together.

Although life in the countryside comes with its fair of goodies, you get to enjoy nature walks away from the busy city life.

You can engage in sports activities and biking competitions. People here are a little more friendly and welcoming, unlike the city where people don’t trust each other.

Loneliness is real, my readers. The reason why our Supreme Being felt it was wise for two people to stay together; he knew the challenges that come with loneliness.

The lonely cold nights, the stigma surrounding your new title, and the mistrust of married women feel unsafe when around their husbands.

The emotional feeling of singleness is among some of the things I still have to battle with even at my age.

That is the background of my blog. I wish to see divorced women have a healthy lifestyle and enjoy lifelike their married circles.

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