My Story

Allow me to share how I got the title, divorced woman. I’m 47 years old black American with a 15-year-old daughter.

I got divorced at the age of 43 years after staying in the marriage for ten years. Ten years is not a short time.

You should be wondering why that is possible now I was to sit and enjoy the marriage after passing through the first decade.

According to my friends, I lived a good life who, to date, feel I was selfish to seek a divorce. In my ten years in marriage, I never knew what marital happiness is all about. I married a narcissist.

Let me give you a brief explanation of who a narcissist is. This is a personality disorder with no known cause, but it involves someone who feels they belong; they have a big ego and entitlement sense.

They have no feelings for other people’s emotions and never take criticism. Instead, they psychologically torture you to an extent they behave like a victim.

I’m a woman who needs all the pampering and sweet words here and there. My Ex-husband only thought of himself; you may wonder if I didn’t see this during our courtship.

Trust me; I courted for two years. Like any girl in love, I ignored some of the signs that I felt he was going through a tough time- financial incapability- that explained his current behavior, so I thought.

On the phone or chatting with you on social media platforms, this is someone you will love and admire.

He had all the sweet words and sweet nothings you can think of but provided zero tender and loving care.

To cut a long story short, the situation worsened when we lived together. He could come and buy food for himself, eat, and never care whether I was in this house or not.

He could throw his pair of socks and underwear anyhow but never dare question the character.

Anytime you do that, he bolts and sulks to an extent you find yourself asking for forgiveness as if you were the one in the wrong.

Read more about the narcissist. I reached my turning point when watching his favorite football match when I was fighting for my life in hospital after an accident.

That is how I filed for a divorce and moved on with my life.

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