Online Safety Tips for Stay-At-Home Moms

Did you know that taking care of your children s the most fulfilling experience for a modern-day woman?

It is a full-time job, even though you don’t have the formal schedule like in the white-collar jobs.

With the global Covid pandemic here with us, most companies resort to working from home.

It’s the best option for mums though it comes with its share of challenges.

This include

  • Distractions from the children
  • Lack of teamwork
  • Unmonitored task force reducing performance
  • Burnout

When used to a schedule at the office, or you get motivated by your boss being on your neck for reports, working from home may be difficult at the beginning but satisfactory in the end.

However, working from home means you have to rely entirely on remote tools for communications and system operations.

Extra caution is essential; someone is busy designing an application that can get your personal information and cause havoc with it.

Your only savior is to arm yourself with online safety tips to get the best out of internet platforms.

Here are a few

  1. Use security experts

As much you try to play safe on your part, hackers mutate and circumnavigate around the systems to defraud you of sensitive information.

Security experts come in handy with affordable tools to add a layer of protection. It’s better than waiting for disaster than takes the noble move.

Look as a freelancing mum who makes hundreds of dollars from virtual jobs. How safe are the payment systems?

Do you have an option? Of course no. That is the only way to get your income. Therefore, get a security firm with elaborate and affordable security features to guard your hard-earned money.

Get quotations for as many as possible and get the similarities and differences. Once you choose what fits, you make it a great choice.

Things to check from a security operation

  • Positive reviews from other users
  • Ability to compensate- asset base
  • Reliability and affordability
  • Flexibility in terms of available plans
  • Value-added services
  1. Delete any suspicious spam links

Save your email addresses from your typical clients, including the payment system, such that when a suspicious link with a similar name sends you an email, you never fall victim.

Delete the emails; never open since that is the catch. Once you open the links, they root themselves on your device and remotely access your information waiting for the best time to use their dubious means.

  1. Exercise parental control for specific websites

Websites are common with funny links of advertisements that you never subscribed to add no value to your work.

Use VPN tools to block such sites to give you peace while working online. It’s easy to detect such sites through the safety tools of your browser.

Make it tight such that they are quarantined before they reach your attention. Equip yourself with knowledge on how to detect fake websites.

The “whois” is an excellent platform to see the domain name and owner for verification.

Use a strong password and change them regularly.

Do you know an app that someone can see what you are doing on your computer from a remote location? When you have apparent passwords, then you become a victim of circumstance.

When you have obvious passwords, when one has your personal information, it’s easy to defraud you.

After all, your information is the key to access some of your sensitive information, including bank accounts.

The phone or text verification is a plus such that when one tries to log in from a different device, you get an alert either through text or an email.

Verification through a code is also essential to ensure you are operating your email- the center of all communication.

Avoid sharing your personal information with strangers, including unverified websites.

While idle online, you tend to explore options now that you have all the time and internet access on your hands.

Open websites that you are sure of their authenticity; if not, block them from your device. Never trust a stranger from online platforms; they are the people behind your downfall.

Communication is okay for it widens your circle of friends, but choose the kind of friends you talk to.

  1. Update your devices to integrate new security systems

The update facility in any device, including the software, is vital to integrate the new systems and features that help create a layer of security.

The new features incorporate the latest trends in the market to give it a comprehensive and detailed approach.

It also removes outdated ones that may cause havoc to your system. It helps you adapt to the new designs, which provide instant protection like detecting viruses and suspicious links and quarantine to give your device a comprehensive security cover.

  1. Make safe your internet connection.

Some of the public WI-FIs are there to defraud unsuspecting mums who are vulnerable to free things.

As a stay-at-home mum, try and get private internet access from a reliable service provider which you have control over its users. Besides, you are sure of its authenticity. Protect it using a password also to limit the people using it.

Stay at home mums can have a fulfilling life while they take care of their children. You can also earn money using various freelancing sites and also virtual assistant jobs.

As a stay-at-home mum, you need to explore multiple legit online jobs and do what works for you to have a fulfilling and desirable life as a mum.



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Online Safety Tips for Stay-At-Home Moms

Online Safety Tips for Stay-At-Home Moms Did you know that taking care of your children s the most fulfilling experience for a modern-day woman? It is a full-time job, even though you don’t have the formal schedule like in the white-collar jobs. With the global Covid pandemic here with us, most companies resort to working from

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